If you are about to apply and fill the scholarship application forms, READ THIS…

M.A and B.A Scholarship Application Forms မ်ားကုိေအာက္ပါ Link မ်ားကုိႏွိပ္ကာရယူႏုိင္ပါသည္။

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You should read this if you are about to apply (The following is written by one of my friend studying in Rangsit University)
The most important thing in the scholarship application is writing essays. You should make it as interesting as possible. It doesn't mean that you need advanced English Grammar and vocabulary. You need to make sure that you are an interesting person who deserves scholarships.
Moreover, it is best to email the applications as an attachment. Don't send it through conventional postal mail. For your security, if you ever scan any documents in a cyber cafe, please make sure that everything is deleted after you have transferred it into your thumb drive, or USB. This has not been a big concern, but the more careful, the better. See what i mean?
Another important thing is references. When you try to ask for reference letters, please make sure that it is written in western style. Why? Because, burmese conventional styles say VERY LITTLE about you and it is difficult for the funders to really know who you are and what performance you did in the past. So, even for the academic reference, it doesn't have to be the university lecturer or professor as far as you can get from one of the teachers who writes a good reference letter. From the experience of the last meeting with the funders, they understand this situation that it is difficult to get a reference letter from Burmese formal educational institutions in western style. So, Just make sure that the fererees include some details about who you are, what capacity you have and how you could be a good candidate. If they could include the SGPB's name, it is better because, the referee is writing specifically for this program.
Moreover, please start to do the application process now. It seems that it is still a long way. But the earlier you prepare, the better quality application you will get. Those who haven't got passport yet, start applying now. Those who haven't taken toefl or ielts, prepare and register now. If you haven't got reference or university transcript, start to ask for it now.
Please make sure that you apply. Some universities like Rangsit University International College (The one I am studying at) doens't require you to be the second year passed student. Just high school graduates can apply for it. Cool, isn't it?

Here are some websites you should get more ideas about studying in abroad.

If you have future questions or information to be asked, you can contact to the following emails addresses. Both of them are studying in Thailand. If you do not know any of them, please introduce yourself so that they could know who you are.


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